One should not do everything by himself – there are skilled people around. I would like to name a few of them

Rimantas P., Mažeikiai
Wooden propellers (RK-1, RK-8)

Vidmantas, Kaunas
Aircraft interiors (RK-3, RK-6)

Šarūnas M, Kaunas
Engine assembly, diagnostics (RK-9, RK-3, ANBO-2)

Vidas T, Pociūnai
Painting (RK-9, RK-3, RK-6, RK-7)

Albina K, Pociūnai
Synthetic aircraft cover (RK-1 – 9)

Skirmantas L., Prienai
Producer of custom wooden wings (RK-6,ANBO-2)

Aleksandras, Vilnius
Producer of custom metal wings

Edvardas L, Vilnius
Theory of aerodynamics


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